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I am not sure how to describe this, honestly. It was 2013. I was trying to express my feelings. Some people seemed to like it. I don't think I've made anything better since.

"Hypertext about a creature washed up on the shores of a strange land, a detailed, xenopological look at alien society, constantly visceral and dripping and emotional. Emotional?

The reason I found this so affecting was the sense of confusion and despair–the way the protagonist can’t shake their memories of this infinite world of higher beings from which they’ve been cast down, punished by having their oceanic consciousness funneled into a single body, a lone mind. Isn’t that a similar feeling to dreams? The way our dreams are so fluid and limitless but as we wake our body reasserts its old aches and our familiar fears creep past the amnesiac tide of sleep.

My Favourite Island uses radically nonhuman characters to evoke some of our deepest human feelings. Also recommended for fans of scifi author Ian M. Banks."
- Porpentine

[Trigger Warnings. Injury, rape, degredation, adoption, pregnancy, suicide, eating, bodies, dissociation, bodily functions, bodily fluids]

(if you come across any Triggers I haven't listed, a) I am genuinely sorry and b) Please let me know, I'll add them here. These are all I can think of right now.)


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